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CDSweep Donation Form

Shipping your unwanted CDs and DVDs to CDSweep is free, easy and supports critical autism research.

Just fill out the information below and a prepaid FedEx label will be emailed to you shortly from our partner, iPodmeister.  Then stick the labels to your boxes and ship them for free.

You’ll also receive an email confirmation of your donation, please print it and include a copy in each box shipped.


Which CDs/DVDs are eligible?

In general all CDs and DVDs in good condition and in their original cases with complete front and back cover art will be accepted.  Dirty or broken cases are OK.  CDs with drill holes, promo stickers on the jewel case or with the barcode punched out can be accepted.  All genres of music/spoken word/audiobooks accepted.  Box sets must be complete.  Only one disc per title can be accepted, no multiples.

Not acceptable: CDs in albums or binders, CDs/art with promo stamps, CD singles or EPs, promo/giveaway CDs, bootlegs, burned copies, demos, incomplete boxsets, water damaged items, discs/art with marker or written initials, adult DVDs, video games, DVD-ROMs.  Unacceptable discs will not be digitized or returned.

How should I package CDs and DVDs?

  •  Get cardboard boxes that hold approximately 200 CDs, the best size is around 20″x12″x12″.  Boxes are available at office supply stores, UPS, moving companies and elsewhere.  We do not provide boxes.
  •  Package CDs tightly inside the box so that they don’t move.  Stack them tightly and only add cushioning material like newspaper or bubble wrap if needed.
  •  In each box include a printed copy the completed form that will be emailed to you.

For any additional questions contact

Email and Phone
Shipping Details
  1. Digitizing Music
  2. Digitizing your CDs significantly reduces their donation value due to costs associated with ripping MP3s and shipping the DVDs of digital files. Please select this option only for discs you'd like digitized. Submit separate forms if you also have discs that you don't. Shipping is always free.
  3. Receive Donation Receipt
  4. By sending this order form I confirm that the items covered by this authorization are my sole property and are sent free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

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